ZEM.Education and COADECU take great care to ensure the well-being and safety of campers at all times. As parents and educators with more than 20 years of experience we take our responsibility very seriously and put procedures in place to deliver on our commitment to parents of keeping their children safe.

Insurance - Campers have travel and accident insurance from the first to the last day of the camp. Note that this might be different from your children's travelling dates from/to the UK. These days will not be covered by this policy.

Staff - All British professionals are police checked (by the Criminal Record Bureau at enhanced disclosure level). Police checks are also carried out on Spanish professionals (certificado de penales).

Health - First aid facilities and qualified individuals are available on site 24 hours a day. For medical emergencies we have a local surgery and a hospital nearby. All EU children will be seen by doctors on the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Emergency vehicle - There is an emergency vehicle available on site 24 hours a day.

Communication and First Aid - All our GLs are in permanent radio contact  with the First Aid and camp coordinators. The director of the camp ensures that these are fully charged every morning to ensure effective communication. Walkie-talkies are also worn during trips and excursions.  

Facilities, activities and trips - All adventure activities comply with local regulations. GLs watch over campers' safety and well-being when taking part in activities. Special attention is taken when children are in the swimming-pool. When on trips, GLs and campers follow procedures to make sure everybody is safe at all times.  

Travel We work with major bus companies to travel to camp and local companies while in the Sierra, as their drivers are remarkably skilled in cruising the Sierra safely. Buses are equipped with safety belts and children are required to wear them. GLs travel with children at all times and make sure that safety rules, while in the bus, are followed. If children suffer from travel sickness our GLs are experienced in dealing with this.