With more than twenty years experience organising winter and summer camps for Spanish children and their families, COADECU, and ZEM.Education have come together to create an unforgettable multi-adventure language camp for your children.

Our team combines:                                              

  • skill and expertise in organising and leading multi-adventure camps
  • research and science on bilingual and multicultural education.

We work all year round to offer you and your children a great experience for the summer holidays!

Group Leaders

GLs are competent, mature and enthusiastic Spanish young adults who share a common passion for languages, outdoor living and children's development and education. Our GLs are professionals working in education or pursuing careers in teaching and languages. Many of them have qualifications on outdoor sports too. Working with us year after year and throughout the year with schools and families they have developed skills to understand children's needs at different stages of their development and their potential anxieties when far from home.

GLs are crucial to the pastoral care of the campers. They understand the challenges of learning a foreign language and often living in a bilingual environment. As role models for the campers they help support, motivate and encourage them to face challenges and overcome their frustrations with determination and lots of humour. GLs will build a positive relationship with campers and are always there to chat with your children and discuss anything that  might be worrying them.

In preparation for our camps, GLs will undergo specialised training organised by ZEM.Education. They will also meet up in Madrid in May to programme the camps in coordination with the camp director, coordinators and multi-adventure GLs. All this preparation is the key to the success of our summer camps.

Camp Staff

Our camp staff works closely together and has clear roles and responsibilities to ensure a safe and succesful camp.

Camp Director - Supervises the running of the camp and overall well-being of the children. Provides children with special medication if required and is on call 24 hours. Also liaises with parents when required. 

Activities Coordinator - Supervises activities making sure GLs perform successfuly and meet our high quality standards. Coordinates activities in the swimming-pool as a qualified lifeguard.

Meals Coordinator - Supervises mealtimes making sure children eat balanced meals and ensures that children with special meal requirements are provided with their own special menu. 

Group and Language Coordinator - Following the initial language evaluation, the coordinator works with the individual groupleaders to tailor-make the language and activity programme to the language needs of the campers in each group.

Group leaders- As mentors and leaders, they are in charge of campers day and night always watching over their safety and well-being. They work hard to provide an exciting programme of activities and go the extra mile to make campers' stay a happy and memorable one.

Multi-adventure leaders - Fully qualified and accredited to develop these activities, multi-adventure group leaders supervise the following activities: climbing, horse-riding, zip-wire, tree-walking, mountain-biking, rafting and canoeing. Group leaders take an active role during these activities making sure children understand instructions and follow all safety rules.