Language Programmes and Adventure Activities


Our programmes are designed by experts in bilingual education to encourage children and young people to communicate confidently in Spanish. The age of the campers is between 8 and 14. As children have different learning styles we offer:

Spanish immersion summer camps - In these camps Spanish is the main language of the camp between leaders and campers. Spanish tuition is optional.  

English speaking summer camps English is the main language of the camp and the programme includes Spanish tuition.

The programmes include a range of exciting activities:

  • Spanish tuition
  • Horse-riding 
  • Rock-climbing
  • Rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Archery
  • Slides
  • Orienteering
  • Mountain-biking
  • Tree-walking
  • Adventure circuits
  • Sleepovers in the woods
  • Arts and crafts workshops 
  • Games
  • Evening activities
  • One day trip

Personal development - We actively promote children's and young people's autonomy. To encourage the development of living skills every day campers are expected to have their room clean and tidy before activities start.  This involves making the bed and taking turns at sweeping and mopping their room's floor. As part of the programme, on the first day of camp Group Leaders teach them how to do these chores. Once a week children will also do their personal laundry under the guidance of group leaders


A Day in the Camp

¡Buenos días! -  Group Leaders (GL) wake up campers at 9am. They get ready for breakfast. After breakfast they brush their teeth, make their beds, tidy up and clean their room. The GL checks the room to ensure campers have done a good job and checks all children have their hats and sunscreen on.

A jugar - The GL leads on one or several games and activities aimed at developing Spanish speaking, listening and reading skills.

Tirolina - Time for adventure. The GL takes the children to the zip-wire base. Gonzalo, one of our multi-adventure leaders,  and the GL explain the activity and ensure that all safety procedures are well understood. The GL clarifies any questions or new vocabulary. 

 ¡Pisci! - At last time for a refreshing swim, under the close supervision of GLs and lifeguards. Safety is paramount: diving, running around the pool, and dangerous games in the water are not allowed! Also, sunscreen must be applied before and after swimming.

A comer - The campers enjoy a three course meal full of carbs, vegetables and fruit (yoghurt and ice-cream once a week).

Siesta y teléfono - After lunch children have time to unwind, call home and play with their friends. Mobiles are kept by the camp director in the general office. Children will be able to use them at this time. GLs on outdoor duty provide children with board games, books and magazines.

Diario El Contadero -  The GL and children will write in Spanish the latest news and gossip in El Contadero. 

Merienda - Yummy, a mid-afternoon snack to gather strength.

Caballo y tiro con arco - Finally we pay a visit to Rubia and her friends at the stables. Pedro and Tania our horse-riding leaders set campers up on Rubia, Reina, Furia, Caramelo, ... While half of the group go for a ride around the Natural Park, the others go with the GL to learn archery. Later they swap.

Ducha y cena - Campers take a shower and get ready for a yummy three- course dinner.

Descanso y más teléfono - Campers have some more free time and one more opportunity to call home before the end of the day.

Velada - Night games, treasure hunts and walks with torches. Once a week is Disco time and vivac (camping overnight in the Natural Park)!

A dormir - Campers go to bed for a well deserved rest. GLs stay with their groups until children are asleep. GLs sleep in rooms next to campers' rooms and they take it in turns to be on duty every night.